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About Me

I have been working in the world of wine for about twenty years and since then every time I talk to a producer I hear myself saying “good wine is born in the vineyard, then in the cellar, we do our best”. For this reason, when we talk about wine experience referring to a visit to a winery with tasting, it always seems to me that a piece is missing, which is not a detail, but the very reason why that wine is made in that precise place and according to criteria that the producers of a territory decide, together, to adopt.



Talking, narrating, explaining, sharing your your satisfaction with the listener,helping him to take on the intuition that you found after so many years of tastings, readings, stories from a century ago, explanations to importers of each Latitude, and of countries you didn’t know existed. Trying to narrate your world to those who see it as visitors and providing a key to understanding how we are and why from outside we are looked at with curiosity, often with admiration. Like the stories I tell you about and the places I show you, I’m a 100% Made in Italy witness of my time




These wine experiences are reserved for small groups (max 12 people) who want to share a moment of pleasure, but also of knowledge. They take place in the western area of Lake Garda and are “tailor-made” by the participants.

The vineyard walk
A walk through the vineyards with a visit to a wine cellar and tasting – for the appassioanti: mini-course on the ecosystem and wines of the area

Wine and Wind
the wind is one of the important elements to obtain quality wine, to get to know the wind the sailing experience

Water and Wine
In the ecosystem of Lake Garda there is thermal water, the definition SPA with which we mention a wellness center derives from the Latin Salus Per Aquem. Numerous archaeological excavations bear witness to the presence of the ancient Romans in the lower Lake Garda, the wine tradition goes hand in hand.

Wine and Children

Wine is always a medium that unites and transmits knowledge and the latter is always an interesting experience. Before becoming wine, grape juice is a fruit juice like all the others and wine experiences can be made together with the little ones, including aperitifs.

All the proposals contain one or more wine and food tastings from the area of origin.

The Wine Walk

The Wine Walk


When we visit a winery, we are not only tasting wines, but we also satisfy our need for exploration. And the wines are closely connected with the territory where they are produced, that is, the word “origin” indicated on the labels under the acronym DOC. So what could be better than exploring the original territory before going to the winery?

It belongs to our need for social animals, our origins and our food. The toast at the end is just a celebration of our spontaneous desire for sharing and knowledge.

Why on foot?

Walking is the natural dimension of moving, it is “spontaneously” slow and allows you to instantly indulge every single intention dictated by your curiosity. It allows you to move in multiple directions and you don’t have to care about the vehicle; you can “get lost” to focus on a sudden stimulus.

Walking is the journey, not the destination and the means is your body with all its tactile, visual, olfactory and synthetic physical and emotional “sensors”. Walking also means sustainability for the environment, less emissions and noise is given by the chatter and pleasure of people who share a moment simple and deep at the same time.

For who?

For those who prefer intensity to speed. For those who appreciate the depth of simple, authentic things. For those who love to rediscover the well-being of the essential, the company of nature and the earth and in humans sees the best side.

For wine lovers, I hope that when they find the DOC in the wine list of the restaurant, their thoughts will go to the experience and memory that they have brought with them. Cheers!

Are you ready? I can’t wait to walk with you…


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